Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Buy Short cocktail dresses to complement your style

If you really want to look glamorous at a cocktail event, you must choose to wear a short cocktail dress that is appropriate to your body shape. Your short cocktail dress must highlight your body features that are perfect and conceal or make less prominent whatever the small imperfections. The striking feature about the short cocktail dress is it has the distinct capability to make you appear appealing, feminine, graceful and arrest people's attention.

Short cocktail dress can be designed in different ways. The hemlines can be extremely brief reaching only up to mid thigh, or covering up to just a little over the knees or to marginally go beyond the the knees. Select the length of your cocktail dresses depending on the formality of the occasion and how much skin you want to show.

But remember that there is a thin line that divides a gorgeous look from a sexually provocative one. The simple rule to follow is - you should not be seen as an exhibitionist walking the romp but as a respectable guest attending a dinner gala. Brief cocktail attires can be found in a plethora of types and cuts that you can easily pick the one you want.

Every woman dreams of finding the perfect cocktail dress that will make her feel confident, sensual and self assured enabling her to highlight her best features and disguising her less perfect ones. Unlike long evening gowns, short cocktail dresses are a lot much more comfortable to wear and help free movement.

A female body that lacks natural curves can wear bright colors and bold patterns that provide an ultimate feminine presence. Dark colors can make an overweight woman look slimmer and to balance a top-heavy figure, select a flattering neckline like the V-neck.

You can consider wearing short cocktail dress for fancy parties, opera or ballet, weddings and formal dinner parties. Short cocktail dresses come in an array of shapes made from exquisite materials like silk, velvet, crepe, brocade and satin - though chiffon is still the most popular choice.

The color of the fabric for the short dress can also lend additional charm to the wearer. For summer, opt for floral prints in light pink, sky blue, pale green and yellow, as well as other pastels. For parties during winter select gray, crimson, black, dark brown and dark blue cocktail dresses. White and red are another two options that are to be considered in case you are looking for some extra radiance.

There are numerous designs of short cocktail dresses - strapless brief cocktail dress, one-shoulder brief cocktail dress, a slim and puffy design, childish looking doll attire, a body hugging dress etc. Never try to wear a short cocktail dress however trendy – if it is ill fitting.

Never impulsively choose to wear a short dress simply because it looks great. Instead, select a type of short dress that brings out the best in you. Be it sophisticated or chic, classically glamorous or sexy - a few well selected cocktail dresses are a must for every wardrobe.

Selecting appropriate accessories for short cocktail dresses is also equally important. Also choose beautiful matching wraps to cover your arms. Take special care in choosing shoes if you are sporting a short dress, as shoes invariably become an important focal point.

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